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TBC Bank Hosted an Energy Conference

On February 17th TBC Bank, with the support of the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, organized a conference on energy. The conference took place in TBC Bank’s conference hall. Minister of Energy of Georgia, Kakha Kaladze opened the conference.

The goal of the conference was to discuss the challenges and future development opportunites of Georgia’s energy sector, it also aimed at sharing experience between the members of the Government, major players of the sector and field specialists.

TBC Bank is a leading Georgian bank in terms of financing energy sector, and one of the bank’s main priorities is to support energy projects and the development of the field. In the last five years TBC Bank financed up to ten energy projects with 150 million laris.

“Rivers in Georgia have a high energy potential, however at this stage only a minimal of the existing potential is being used. High investments in this field are necessary, in order to alter the energy status quo in Georgia. A savvy and sensible use of the country’s hydro energy resources is the priority for our economy,” —the Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze said.

During his address to the conference participants Mr Kaladze also noted that the important role of international financial institutions and domestic banks in developing the country’s energy potential. He said that with the help of local banks many successful projects have been fulfilled in this regard.

TBC Bank’s CEO Vakhtang Butskhrikidze


According to TBC Bank’s CEO Mr Butskhrikidze — “The conference on energy’s function is to nable us to fully reveal the challenges and opportunities of the field from the standpoint of regulating bodies and representatives of the companies operating in energy sector in Georgia or abroad. It is notable that TBC Bank is a host of such a significant event as the role of banking sector is of utmost importance in the development of Georgian energy sector.”

It is for the first time that an energy conference of such scale was initiated and organized by a commercial bank.

The conference was attended by the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, Partnership Fund, representatives of all major energy companies, and the representatives of EBRD and USAID.