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TBC Bank Held Agriforum about Fishing

TBC Bank’s agriforums continue in the regions and shifting from Kakheti to Shida Kartli with different topic.

This time, Forum was held in Gori. Amateur farmers and individuals engaged in agriculture had the opportunity to get familiar with the latest information about fish care and breeding and get comprehensive answers to the questions from the field experts.

Head of Rural Development Department of Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture Archil Farsvania and TBC Bank’s Agribusiness Development Coordinator Shota Gongladze lead the forum.

“Our goal is to cover all regions of Georgia and give farmers an opportunity to effectively manage their farm. Participants of the field, who are holding meetings, provide the latest information to the interested people and give practical advice on their work, which I think is very important for farmers, “said TBC Bank’s Agribusiness Development Coordinator Shota Gongladze.

After Gori, TBC Bank’s agriforms will be moved to other cities of Georgia. Attendance at the forums is free, and the topics of the meeting will be changed according to regions.

TBC Bank has been implementing several projects for supporting agriculture sector development. This includes support for farmers as offering agricultural products, trainings and consultations, which means providing by advises and latest information.