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Stimor Starts Exporting Tomatoes in 2016

In 2016, the tomatoes grown in greenhouses of the company  Stimor will be exported to Europe.

A representative of the Israeli company Avrum Gagulashvili  says that a  corresponding agreement with European partners has  already been signed and “Stimor” is currently working on obtaining international certificates required for exporting products to the EU. It is expected that certification will be completed in 2016.

“At this stage, our production capacity is 200 tons. We have installed thermal system that allows us to save $  25 thousand a year per  each 5 hectares of land. Our products are competitive both in the local market and abroad. Our company operates in 120 countries, and we hope that our activities in Georgia will also be successful,” – Avrum Gagulashvili notes.

Cost of 1 kg of tomatoes produced in the  greenhouse Stimora is 80 tetri, the market value in Georgia 2 GEL. “Our products are mainly sold in Georgia. We still lack the amount needed to launch exports. When we open another greenhouse, it will be much easier to work for export, “- the project manager Vakhtang Kopaleishvili explains. Currently, the company imports seeds from Holland, but soon plans to switch to Israel.

The company employed 50 people, after company’s expansion the number of workers is expected to reach 120-130 people. Stimor received a loan of $ 2 million under the state program “Produced in Georgia” in 2014. The company intends to invest in the construction of a new greenhouse  $ 6.7 million which were obtained in the framework of this program, but already in 2015. The new greenhouse will start working in September 2015.