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Samir Valiyev, General Director of IBA-Georgia Assessing 2014

The year of 2014 has turned out a new stage of sustainable development for International Bank of Azerbaijan – Georgia (IBA-Georgia). Amid the sharp competition the bank determined to make focus on client interests as one of the main priority directions in 2014. The bank has earned very positive indicators in 2014. The company has achieved all planned goals, while priority directions have even surpassed the initial plan. As a result, IBA-Georgia has earned considerable profits and made significant advancements for further development. All these results prove correctness of the chosen course and the fact the bank’s staff has performed well-organized job. In 2014 IBA-Georgia developed a new strategy that determines future key trends for further development.

In 2015 the bank will make focus on growth in revenues and drawing new clients. The refurbished strategy sets more ambitious financial targets for 2015. The current plans in this direction are being fulfilled in excess. The most important direction for the bank’s development in 2015 implies a work with medium and small-sized business companies. The bank plans to make a new success by introducing a full package of bank products on affordable conditions, improving internal procedures to reach maximum of efficiency, developing credit and payment products tailored to clients, employing most modern technologies to ensure the convenience of payments. We are sure professionalism of IBA-Georgia staff will enable us to attain these goals. At the beginning of 2015 IBA-Georgia plans to move to a new head office to enlarge the scales of bank activities.