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Rules Determining Amount of Bonuses and Salary Increases to be Adopted in the Near Future

Rules determining the amount of  bonuses  toemployees of state structures will be adopted  in the near future – said Deputy Head of Administration of the Government of Georgia Nino Kobakhidze andHead of the Public Service Bureau of GeorgiaYekaterina Kardava.

According to her, the government has already approved a document on bonuses, and it  is a part of the concept which will be approved later.

Nino Kobakhidze states that recently large bonuses received by civil servants, mostly high-ranking officials, have become a question of the hour and  caused righteous indignation of society.

“That is why, due to high public interest, the administration of the Government of Georgia and the Public Service Bureau are working on this issue on Prime Minister’s instruction, at the moment the ruleshave been  developed and very soon they will be submitted to the Government for approval. It should be noted that during the development of the rules, we took into account the experience and practice of the leading European countries and of course, applied to the Georgian reality, “-  Nino Kobakhidze says.

In her words, to date the maximum size of bonuses  is defined as well as a frequency of issuance of bonuses, moreover, a circle of persons having authority to issue  bonuses is limited.

“This is an important innovation, which prohibits the governing party to prescribe the award itself.From now on, no one will be able to spend budget money in such a perverted way, “- Kobakhidze notes.

Since July 1, the concept of public service reform is scheduled to be presented to the general public.

“This concept is the result of a conceptual discussion within one year; it provides a completely new approach. Its development was carried out by the Government of Georgia with the support of the U.S.Development Agency (USAID), a special commission, which included foreign experts as well as Georgianscholars and practitioners, worked on the development of  the concept , “- said the Deputy Head ofthe Government Administration .