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New Daytime Center Opens by Support of Liberty Bank

New Daytime Center Opens by Support of Liberty Bank

Daytime Center has opened for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the village of Saguramo, Mtskheta District. PWDs under and over 18 years old are able to receive services of the daytime center.

The center is able to serve 25 beneficiaries, including various services are available for 15 underage and 10 mature PWDs. Currently, the center serves 14 beneficiaries. Their individual  rehabilitation plan implies a development of individual functional, social, living and vocational skills, teaching a use of adapted furniture. The center provides two meals a day, transports beneficiaries from homes to the center and returns them back, provides consultations of therapists and neuropsychologists, involves beneficiaries in culture-recreational and sports activities, organizes inpatient medical and psychological services.

Beneficiaries are financed by the Government in the form of vouchers.

Previously, an orphanage used to function in the current building. The orphanage was closed as part of de-institutionalization program. Before closure, Orphanage was rehabilitated by Japanese Embassy. Later the building was transmitted to various state structures. Finally, it was returned to Social Service Agency. The agency decided to organize a daytime center in this building and announced competition for service supply. Kutaisi Education Development and Employment Center won the competition. The company possesses huge experience in the field and manages daytime centers in Kutaisi, Terjola and Samtredia for PWDs.

Liberty Bank has provided assistance in arranging Saguramo Daytime Center infrastructure. The bank has financed road, yard and building arrangement works.

At the opening ceremony the guests received information about the center infrastructure, saw photo materials depicting the center operation, peculiarities, plans. At the solemn ceremony the provider company, Kutaisi Education Development and Employment Center, transmitted awards to partner organizations, Liberty Bank, Japanese Embassy and McLane Association for their support.

Zaza Sopromadze, Social Service Agency director, Toshio Kaitan, Japanese Ambassador in Georgia, and Aleksi Khoroshvili, Liberty Bank director general, addressed the guests at the daytime center opening ceremony.

“Liberty Bank has been actively cooperating with Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection. We are happy to have jointly rehabilitated  the center. We hope to implement many other interesting projects in the future too. For many years Liberty Bank has prioritized assistance of PWDs, because we believe their integration into our society is of crucial importance», Liberty Bank director general Aleksi Khoroshvili said.

«Providing services for PWDs, their preparation for independent life, support of their integration into society and attainable healthcare for them is one of the state priorities.

We are happy nongovernmental sector also supports us in our efforts and they also develop these services. Assistance by private sector and foreign friends are also very important. We united can change the future of PWDs and use potential of these pope to the benefit of our society. We hope private sector will show more initiative and readiness to enable PWDs to attain self-fulfillment, create adapted and comfortable environment.

Currently, 46 daytime centers function in Georgia and they provide various services. We hope these services will be further expanded and will become more attainable for Georgia-based PWDs», Deputy Minister of Labor, Health and Social Protection Zaza Sopromadze noted.