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MiniCredit Opens New Service Center at Gldani Mall

MiniCredit has opened the MiniCredit Café innovative service center at the Gldani Mall, where clients receive interest-free credits starting May 2015.
The MiniCredit Café staff provides a full package of services to clients, 50 GEL to 700 GEL credits on plastic cards and a variety of coffee during the application discussion period.
At the service center clients are able:

• To get registered at MiniCredit.ge;
• Fill out applications with desirable maturity period and amount;
• Select desirable design for the credit card and receive it free of charge.
• Make credit payments by ATMs.
In 2011 MiniCredit introduced an innovative product on the market – immediate internet credit. Since then the company permanently offers various innovations to the clients.
Customers are able to visit MiniCredit service centers from 10 o’clock to 20 o’clock every day.
• Near Akhmeteli underground station, Gldani Mall, Floor 0.
• Kavtaradze Street N1 – Saburtalo Goodwill, II Floor;
www.MiniCredit.ge  – Fill your Wallet!