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Mamuka Khazaradze Meets with ADB President

Takehiko Nakao, president of Asian Development Bank (ADB), has met with Mamuka Khazaradze, chairman of TBC Bank’s supervisory board. Members of ADB delegation and representatives of TBC Bank’s top management have also attended the meeting.

At the round-table meeting, the Parties discussed details of cooperation between ADB and TBC Bank as part of small and medium business projects. At the meeting the parties discussed  joint projects implemented for business sector development.

ADB launched cooperation with TBC Bank in 2011. In this period the banks have jointly implemented projects worth 150 million USD and they still continue cooperation.

Anaklia deepwater seaport construction was one of the key topics of the meeting. ADB representatives received detailed information from Mamuka Khazaradze about the seaport construction issues. Negotiations are underway between Anaklia Seaport management and ADB regarding the project financing issues.

Founded in 1996 ADB makes focus on poverty reduction in Asia and Oceania through economic growth and regional integration. Investments made by ADB in various countries made up 32.2 billion USD as of 2017.