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I would Never Work to Fulfill Superior’s Instructions

“The Main Thing in Life is to Find Yourself, to have Inner Balance and follow you Goals Tirelessly”

                                                                                              Mamuka Khazarad
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TBC Bank

I am a mechanical engineer by profession. I graduated from the Georgian Technical Institute. Later I finished a three-year Executive MBA course at Harvard Business School in 2003.

My first job was at a scientific-research institute. I was a head of the department (I used to supervise a department of female research workers).

My first salary was 100 Rubles.

To be successful in business it is necessary to believe in what you do, be devoted to the business, be inspire, be just in relations and, naturally, have a team of well-selected people.

Young people are able to achieve success in Georgia. – There is a lot of potential for development in our country. The main thing is that young people should choose their field of study wisely, as well as desirable sector.

I would advise young businesspeople to gain as much knowledge as possible, not to avoid certain kinds of jobs, never cheat partners and work hard to achieve success.

I make up my own working hours. I have several offices and I work late into the night.

When I get to my office, I first greet my team members and speak with them.

I do not think a person should be ready to do anything for a promotion. I never swerve from my principles and values.

The field where I would never work – I think I would never work at a place where I would not have the opportunity to take initiatives and be a leader.

I do not have a favorite brand of clothing – I wear everything that makes me feel comfortable.

I adore old cars. I like many old modern cars, such as Bugatti, Jaguar. I would not specify any modern brand.

What three books that I would suggest young people to read? – I would name rather authors: Guram Dochanashvili, Otar Chiladze and Nodar Dumbadze. There are many other authors, too.

Do I like speaking with journalists? – I would not specify any profession. I like communicating with talented individuals in all professions.

The main thing in life is to find oneself; to have inner balance and follow one’s goals tirelessly.

I love travelling, especially to places off the beaten path.

My favorite sport is handball. I was a handball player and the captain of the national team.

I am a fan of the Georgian National Rugby team. Rugby is Our Game!

My favorite drink is good Georgian wine; I also like good brandy.

I do not have a favorite dish. I am not a pretentious person in this respect. Sometimes, I even try cooking.