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Magical Prizes and Trip to Iceland by Terabank

Terabank and Mastercard start joint contests, where every participant is already a winner.

Everyone who has a Terabank Mastercard, in exchange of transaction gets guaranteed prize from polar lights magic machine.

Perform at least 10 units transaction 20 times and get the first prize! Or – Make a transaction of at least 10 units 50 times and get a premium prize from the second category gifts.

#Getawarded – This campaign will begin on December 1 and the first prize will be available from December 11th.

Once you collect 20, or 50 transactions, you have to choose a gift box with the Terrabank and MasterCard Polar Lights machines in Galeria Tbilisi, select the desired gift box and receive a gift, and in parallel, continue to make transactions through Terabank Mastercard for the main prizes:

I place – Trip to Iceland for two

II place – Iphone X

III place – 1000 GEL voucher in Galeria Tbilisi

Unforgettable journey fortwo people, fully sponsored flight, hotel and Iceland tour expenses allows you to plan travel dates and see magic northern lights.

If you do not hold a Mastercard card in Terabank, you can get it at the bank. In case you already have it, you can start transactions, as it will start on December 1. Three, the largest transaction owner, will be announced on January 30. Until then, all participants have the opportunity to be awarded.

To see the information about the action and the list of prizes in detail, you can visit the following link.