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Liberty Bank Introduces Two New Successful Young Athletes as Brand Envoys

Liberty Bank Introduces Two New Successful Young Athletes as Brand Envoys

On September 15, at the Liberty Bank head office, the Bank director general Aleksi Khoroshvili introduced two new brand envoys to reporters – canoeist Zaza Nadiradze and tennis player Mariam Bolkvadze.

“I am happy to introduce new envoys of Liberty Bank, gifted and hardworking people, who have  brought multiple glory and victory to Georgia on international level.

Mariam Bolkvadze and Zaza Nadiradze have joined the team of our envoys. This signifies we will particularly care for their professional growth and development, because we want to make their great success an example and motivation for all young people in Georgia”, Liberty Bank director general Aleksi Khoroshvili noted.

Currently, Liberty Bank has five envoys, including ninefold champion of Georgia judoist Mzia Beboshvili, twofold European Champion chess player Nino Khomeriki and astrophysicist Elene Midelashvili. Liberty Bank shows permanent readiness in any field, including sports, science and art, to discover hardworking, purposeful and successful young people  success and promote their professional advancement and development.

Zaza Nadiradze was born on September 2, 1993 in Mtskheta. In 2006 he started active training in canoe paddling. In 2007 he won Georgian championship in the 15-year-old age category. In 2008 he won golden medal in one-seat and two-seat  canoes in the Georgian championship.

In 2011 he won Georgian Championship for the second time. In 2012 Zaza won the Georgian Championship for the third time and won the third place of international tournament in Ukraine.

In 2013 he won international championship in Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgian Championship in absolute age category and 14th place in absolute age category of the World Championship. In 2014 he obtained the Baku Olympic Games license. In the same year, he won a bronze medal at the U23 World Championship.

In 2015 he won 10th place at Baku Games and 4th place at the World Championship. In 2016 Zaza won 2nd place at the licensing championship of Europe and obtained the Rio Olympic Games license, won 3rd place at the World Cup Championship and 5th place at the Rio Olympic Games.

Mariam Bolkvadze was born in Batumi on January 1, 1998. At her 8 she decided to start training in tennis. After  trainings and preparations, she started participating in tournaments and, having turned 12, she became twofold champion in the 16 age category. She was fourfold champion in the 18 age category  and ranked among top fifty tennis players of Europe.

At her 16 Mariam started  participating in international women tournaments and currently she ranks 443rd in individual category and 597th in pairs. In 2016 she participated in Junior Wimbledon and reached final stage in pairs.

Mariam has won three 10 000 USD tournaments, including two ones in Egypt and one in Batumi. Iნ Egypt she defeated a Wimbledon Champion. Moreover, she has also beat Naomy Broady in the England National Tournament, who ranks among top 100 players.

In the same year she participated on behalf of Georgia in the Federation Cup, where he sowed 100% winning result.