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Liberty Bank Becomes a Supporter of Europe House Campaign

”Europe House” campaign responds the strategy of the Government of Georgia about communications and enlistment of Georgia in the EU and NATO for 2017-2020. In particular, one of the main messages: “The process of Georgia’s integration into the EU and NATO contributes to the creation of a safe and competitive environment for rapid development of the country”.

As well as following tasks:

Management of expectations for membership in the EU and NATO in society;

Encourage the advantages, benefits and possibilities of Georgia’s accession to the EU and NATO by providing regular access to the country’s population through regular delivery of the objective information.

This campaign is being implemented within the framework of the project “Partnership for Migrants Rights”, which was implemented by NGO “Sida” since January 2017 and its task is not only to inform the population about visa free travel, but also to protect the rights of migrants from Georgia, Support implementation and monitoring in the field of migration.

Liberty Bank is represented by the largest network of services in the Georgian market and serves more than 1.5 million customers. By engaging in this campaign, the Liberty Bank, as a socially responsible financial organization that is constantly involved in its financial activities, is actively involved in the service of the most sensitive segment of the country’s population (pensioners, socially vulnerable individuals), actively participating in providing the visa-free travel information In the case of RS and the project of financial education of the country’s population from November.

At the initial stage, meetings will be held with one of the towns inhabited by ethnic minorities in the Kvemo Kartli region and one of the villages of Shida Kartli region, which directly borders the occupied territories of this part of the country.

At the next stage, information will be disseminated across Liberty Bank’s entire network, all over the country.

Within the framework of the campaign, Liberty Bank’s trainers will hold meetings that allow citizens to watch videos about visa free travel, unauthorized migration and reintegration. Also, Liberty Bank’s service facilities will provide information brochures about the topic.

“I am glad that as a Liberty Bank representative, I can get involved in the information campaign on visa free travel in EU countries. It’s hard to give more importance to this issue than it already has. I mean not only the information about visa-free travel, but also the protection of our migrants from Georgia and their rights, which is very important by the recognition of a full member of our country as a European family. Liberty Bank is the first financial organization involved in such a campaign, but hopefully it will be an example, as the striving for progress is transmitted. It is important for everyone to understand – Europe really is our home. “- Revaz Bagaturia, Head of Liberty Bank Commercial Optimization Department.