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Lado Gurgenidze not Going to Join New Ukraine’s Government

Lado Gurgenidze responds to  a statement spread in media  about Ukrainian  government’s offer to appoint him to a position in the government.

The banker writes on his Facebook page thatconsidering  his current activities, to start any new full-time project is not realistic at  this stage.

“Nowadays, I feel most comfortable in private (and not public) sector. Liberty Bank enters a new, exciting phase of development. Therefore, to start any new full-time project, no matter how  respectful it may be, is not realistic at this stage.

At the same time, within  my competence, I never refused to consult or advise other governments  (it has often been done in Africa in recent years), in the case when I felt the ideological vicinity and there was coherence of  core values.

Naturally, I will not refuse to advise our friendly country on particular economic or financial issues – if it is needed and does not take a lot of time.

Ukraine is facing today very severe economic challenges. However, I had the opportunity a few days agoto familiarize with approaches and reforms offered by the President Poroshenko and the Prime Minister Yatseniuk. In my humble opinion, most of these approaches are absolutely right and timely, and only in 2-3 of  them I advise  the more radical steps towards liberalization. I wish success to the new government of Ukraine, “- Lado Gurgenidze writes.

It was reported yesterday that Lado  Gurgenidze might take a post in Ukraine’s government.