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Kakha Okriashvili: Banks to Engage with Secondary Activities

The founder of PSP Group , and parliamentarian, Kakha Okriashvili talks about negative factors for business.

According to Okriashvili, inflation of GEL made an influence not only on pharmaceutical business but also other businesses.

“Volatility of GEL made a negative influence on the whole business sector, because the feeling of instability causes the sensation of additional risks and business stops to invest” -declared Okriashvili.

“What has to be dealt with is the court jury processes. The conditions are not bad because business usually wins the cases, but the process is very slow and it lasts for few years”-explains Okriashvili.

Regulations of National Bank have to be reconsidered as well. ” In the future, we have to consider that National Bank regulations should be changed because it causes direct conflict between banks and real sectors. Banks are working in the secondary sectors which will stop the process of economic development”-declares Kakha Okriashvili.