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Internet and Mobile Bank Lottery from TBC Bank

On 1.10.2015 TBC  bank offers one more lottery to  the  customers  using internet  banking. The customers  who use  TBC  internet banking service  are provided  with an opportunity to get involved in  the  lottery  and win nice prizes.

The luckiest  customer,  who  uses  internet  and mobile  banking, will  have  an opportunity to win  Apple products, money prizes  and  a  surprise – an apartment in Gudauri.

All  the customers,  who  are registered on TBC  bank internet bank and  carry  out any transaction via internet  and mobile  bank since 1st  October  till 31st December,  will  have  an opportunity to  participate in  the lottery.

The  customers  will  accumulate certain amount of points for  each  transaction  and  they  will  get one lottery ticket for five accumulated  points. The scheme of  accumulating points is  as  follows:

Logging on  to   the internet  banking system – 1 point

Transfers  among personal accounts or currency exchange – 2 points

Any other type of transfer -2 points

Opening  a  deposit or purchasing other bank product – 2 points

Increase of  credit limit or taking out a  pre-approved loan -2 points

Doubled points  are accrued for  any  transaction carried  out via  mobile  bank.

The lottery  winners   will  be  announced  on 11th November, 11th  December  and  15th January.  At  the first  stage  of  the lottery 10   iPad  minis  will  be  raffled, at  the  second  stage 10 iPhone6s. On 15th January, at  the final  stage of  the lottery, 10  people  will  win 1000 GEL. The  super prize, an  apartment  in Gudauri  will  be raffled at  the final  stage. The results  of  the raffle will  be published  on TBC bank website.

Hurry up, take  your  chance,  get involved in the lottery  and win!

 For  further  information about the  lottery  visit TBC  bank  website:  tbcbank.com.ge