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Insurance Companies Started to Pay Damages Caused by a Flood

Up to 160 individuals and entities applied to the Georgian insurance companies for obtaining compensation for the damage or destruction of motor vehicles in the disaster in Tbilisi on June 13.

According to the Insurance Supervision  Service,  issuing compensations has already started on a daily basis  under the control of the Service. The representative of the insurance company “GPI -Holding” Tina Stambolishvili says  that vehicle insurance accounts for about 80% of the total compensations – at this stage we are talking about GEL 600 – 700 thousand.

“Issuance of compensation began on  Tuesday and will last for several days. Compensation will not be deductible, and victims will receive 100% of the amount due to them, “- she says. With regard to property insurance, at this stage  a damage  is  being counted and the results will be announced shortly. Vakhtang Ebitashvili, a representative of the insurance company “Aldagi”,  notes that as of today, 100 people have applied  to the company for compensation, 40 of them related to vehicles, 60 – to property.

“We have already started to give compensation for the cars, we’ve simplified the procedure  and do everything without unnecessary formalities and additional documentation as quickly as possible. At this stage, we are talking about hundreds of millions of the lari. Half of the amount has already been issued, “- he says. According to him, there are also 40 complaints about real estate, and as soon as  the damage is studied, compensations will be issued.

Citizens mainly seek health care at the insurance company “Ardi” as well as there are  many requests for compensation for damaged vehicles. The total amount of losses that will be reimbursed by the company will amount approximately to GEL 150 000. “There are also cases related to real estate. The company decided to issue compensation as quickly as possible, without additional procedures and fees deduction (franchise). It is a measure of our solidarity with the victims of the natural disaster “- say  “Ardi “.

The company “Irao” works mainly in  a field of motor  and property insurance. In general, the company will have to pay GEL 100 000 as compensation for motor insurance. The process will begin in the coming days. “Kopenbur” company says that  according to available data, the company will have to pay compensation for damage  of  16 vehicles. According to the sales manager at  “Kopenbur” Ivane Kakhadze, the company  will have to pay GEL 300 000 through the car insurance.