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Hype Around the Law on the NB is Unacceptable for PM

The Prime Minister of Georgia says the hype around  the separation of supervision service  from the National Bank is categorically unacceptable.

PM Gharibashvili made this comment for journalists today, when answering a question about the President’s possible use of the power to veto on the issue. “I think the noise, artificially created by our opponents, is categorically unacceptable, and it is unfortunate that the President joined this process,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, it is important to the government that all processes are absolutely transparent. He said he had a personal conversation with the EU Vice President about this issue.

“All comments and recommendations, presented by the European Union, as well as international financial institutions, were fully taken into account. So, I really do not see grounds for this noise. On the contrary, I see that this noise is absolutely artificially inspired and it damages the business environment as well as Georgia’s investment climate.

These people do not understand what the state itself and state interests are. They have not realized their responsibility,” the PM said.

According to him, “we adopt laws only in favor of the country and we do not do anything against Georgia”.