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Georgian Stock Exchange Review

Two deals were made at Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE) during the last week’s trading sessions.

Deals were made on 26085 shares of JSC Liberty Bank and JSC Bank of Georgia. Total value of the deals marked 3464 GEL.

As to off-exchange deals, one off-exchange deal was made on more than 26 000 shares of JSC Graali 92 company. Total value of the deal made up 191 592 GEL. Price of a share constituted 7.30 GEL.

On July 6, LLC Georgian Leasing Company placed 5 000 bonds with 3-year maturity period. Total value of the placement made up 5 million USD in the B-category listing of GSE. The placement was carried out by JSC Galt&Taggart. Fixed interest rate on the bonds made up 6.5% with double payment a year. The maturity period ends on June 22, 2021.

On July 20 JSC Akati and JSC Maglivmsheni will hold a general meeting of shareholders to discuss relevant issues.

GSE Index (GSX) has risen by 40 points to 172 point since July 1.
The GSE market capitalization makes up 2.440 billion GEL.