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Georgian Lari Appreciated Sharply

After several days of sharp decline, the lari has once strengthened by 0.0413 points. Accordingly, the official value of the  dollar is GEL 2.4086. Recall that yesterday’s exchange rate of the dollar  was GEL 2.4499.

The national currency has significantly strengthened  (by 0.0752 points) against the euro and was set at 2.6880.

Yesterday, the PM called on everyone to be responsible when referring to the national currency. According to him, media has a special role in this respect. ‘We have agreed that the National Bank as well as the Finance Ministry will openly communicate with the public, providing them with explanations and prognoses,” he said.

“The crisis is overcome, lari price reached the highest peak, the GEL is expected to stabilize, Garibashvili added.