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Renewed Lari

Georgia Renews National Banknote Design

Today, National Bank of Georgia introduced renewed GEL banknotes, which have not changed since 1995.

Banknotes are big part of national identity, which make country different and unique. That’s why it needs to be renewed.

Substantial changes of Lari has not occurred since 1995, so renewing it was really necessary. New Lari is a great example of effective and strong currency.

Recently Lari symbol has been created, as has graphical design, which is systematically renewed.

Historical design of banknotes is maintained but there are some changes; such as improved relief portraits and additional elements. All of these shows Georgia’s rich culture and history.

Five new banknotes have one, same conception. Three of these banknotes 20,50,100 will be issued from 2016.

20 20ukana 50 wina

100 wina100 ukana