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Forbes has Presented a New Edition of The Banker

Forbes has Presented a New Edition of The Banker

Forbes Georgia has presented a new edition of Forbes Banker.

The magazine presents ongoing events in the banking sector, the results of the previous year and interesting ratings.

The main theme of the second special edition is “TBC Insurance”. Paata Ghadzadze, famous banker and experienced insurer of risks is on the cover of the journal.

Traditionally, the National Bank of Georgia hosted presentation of the magazine. The NBG President says that The Banker’s current edition “is a kind of summary of the banking year that can be seen outwardly.”

Koba Gvenetadze talked about the important year for banking and financial sector, which was loaded with success, news and new projects.

“The banking sector is one of the most important pillars of the country’s economy and simultaneously, one of the most stable, healthy, and constantly oriented on the development. That is why we face new challenges every year. We want to get closer to international standards, increase transparency. For this we need to have a strong, profitable, progressive financial system on the one hand, while on the other – definitely protected and well-informed customers,“ – Koba Gvenetadze said.

The chief banker also talked about the new legislative package and announced positive changes as a result of amendments.

“The existence of qualified business publications is very important for assessing these processes at the professional level. Fortunately for journal “Forbes” this market is still free”, – Gvenetadze said.

Besides the annual reports, the publication also offers opinions of independent authors, business associations and experts.

The Forbes Banker will come out from June 21.