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Construction of TBC New Head Office – Tbilisi Business Center Begins

Construction of TBC new head office begins. On December 17, TBC Group founder Mamuka Khazaradze and representatives of the bank laid the foundation for the 26th anniversary of the bank business center.

The event was held in the vicinity of the Lisi Lake, where the new head office and the nearby Mukhran Machavariani park will be built.

The project, which was constructed by TBC last year, was announced on the 25th anniversary of the bank, based entirely on modern and innovative technologies. The complex built on 13 hectares is designed for 2,000 employees and is fully energy efficient and consumes a minimal amount of electricity. The project is based on the 80/20 concept, which means that only 20% of the site will cover construction, and 80% will include greenery and recreational zones.

The new head office of TBC includes construction of buildings and structures in green landscape where terraced plants will be planted and healthy ecosystems will be created.

Three main projects will be combined into one public space of “Tbilisi Business Center”:

  • TBC Head Office;
  • Innovation Lab – a new center for research and generating new ideas;
  • Cultural hub: merging gallery, restaurant and co-working space, which gives an opportunity to interact;
  • The new head office will replace the existing concept of closed space in the banking sector with the open and flexible space for communication. Employees in the office will be able to realize their capabilities by interacting more and creating a comfortable working environment for them.

The location of “Tbilisi Business Center” is an important part of its design. On the background of the natural landscape of the Lisi Lake, the new office complex will become part of the green environment where natural landscapes are enriched by the urban elements of the capital city.

The design of the new head office of TBC was created by the inspiration of the Shatili towers, where the architectural structures harmoniously merge the landscape with their terraced layout and large balconies. This is the main source of this concept: a complex on the mountain slopes, away from the city center, where environmentally friendly, green, the atmosphere is. TBC employees will be able to work and relax in a comfortable environment, interact with colleagues and guests. There will be restaurants, fitness clubs, special spaces for children and so on.

The author of the project is Dutch architect Franz Vuur, who represents the international company – UN Studio. UN Studio has conducted serious preparations before the project implementation, has thoroughly studied the location and studied TBC with its brand strategy and values.

TBC’s new head office will become a business card for TBC Group, which will merge brand values, vision, and philosophy. It is noteworthy that this kind of complex is being built in Georgia for the first time.

Implementation of the Tbilisi Business Center project will begin in January 2019 and will be completed in 2021.