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BGEO in Expectation of Changes in Listing

Price of Bank of Georgia shares (BGEO LN) has declined at London Stock Exchange (LSE). Last week the price of a share constituted 34.54-36.76 GBP. The price declined by 3.9% week on week and by 1.8% month on month.

According to G&T analytics, in the reporting week deals were made on more than 220 000 shares (61 000 shares a day on average). The company’s market capitalization is 1.373 billion GBP.

Price of Georgian Healthcare Group (GHG LN) made up 2.77-2.95 GBP. Deals were made on more than 80 000 shares. The market capitalization made up 369 million GBP.

Georgian Capital shares will be appeared in the listing soon. As reported, BGEO plans to differentiate banking and investment portfolios and it will be represented by several companies on international exchange.