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Basisbank to Launch New Business Promotion Project

Basisbank offers a new promo project to the business sector representatives. Namely, starting October 1 small and medium-sized business sector representatives are able to join the Basisbank business club, receive a Basisbank credit business card and have an access to the business portal, specially created for the club members.

The club membership is a unique opportunity for companies to acquire new partners, broaden sales network and enjoy exclusive preferences on various services. The club members are able to enjoy special terms of the credit business card. The universal card is useable for cash and non-cash payments. The cardholder enjoys high credit limits and low interest rates. The card owner is able to place own funds on the account and earn high yield interests.

The card’s grace period is about 60 days.

This innovative project of Basisbank, a business portal, has no analogy in Georgia.

“The business portal is a closed space that contains information on all companies integrated into the Basisbank Business Club. The business portal enables the club members to exchange information, set up new business contacts, on the one hand, increase sales volume and, on the other hand, enjoy exclusive offers from the club members.

In the future the Business Club will also invite Chinese companies, besides Georgian companies.

“The club members will search and set up business relations with desirable organizations”, the bank representatives noted.