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Alex Matua, head of ProCredit Bank’s Business Clients Departments

2014 was one of the most successful years for ProCredit Bank in terms of important projects implemented and results achieved during the year. It is noteworthy that the bank has finally refused to finance segments with no prospects for business development and redirected all of its resources towards financing small and medium business sectors, as we believe these segments are major drivers of economic growth in the country. Another important event in 2014 was an introduction of a wide range of effective remote services to clients. In 2014, in active co-operation with the National Bank, ProCredit Bank offered clients an electronic signature system, sign pad – an innovation for the Georgian banking sector. ProCredit Bank was the first bank to implement this project offering its clients a new and modern way of signing documents. Most importantly, this year, too, the key factor behind the bank’s efficiency was financial performance. ProCredit Bank’s profits in 2014 is likely to be much higher than in 2013.

Looking forward in 2015, the bank will continue to focus on supporting small and medium businesses, offering them high-quality services and better conditions. The bank is planning to increase its market share, which is a sound ambition in light of the bank’s target segment.

One of the strategies for 2015 is to expand self-service areas and offer a greater variety of services to clients. For this purpose, the bank will continue to invest in the technological development.

The plans for 2015 include increasing customer funds in the business segment, expanding the loan portfolio and improving its quality. Today, the quality of ProCredit Bank’s loan portfolio is the best in the Georgian banking sector.

In 2015, ProCredit Bank will offer innovative banking services to customers. The work on this project is already underway. 2015 is expected to be a more fruitful, successful and favorable year for ProCredit Bank in light of the bank’s existing achievements and projects planned.