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11 Lucky Georgians at UEFA Super Cup 2015: MasterCard’s Present to Children

Based on the results of national promo campaign announced by MasterCard in Georgia at the end of May, 11 kids has won a priceless experience to watch 2015 UEFA SUPER CUP with their parents live. Moreover, kids-winners accompanied football stars to the field. 

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©UEFA(2015) All rights reserved.​

MasterCard announced that 11 kids from Georgia has won the chance to attend 2015 UEFA SUPER CUP held in Tbilisi on August 11 and moreover they got a priceless experience in escorting football stars from two Spanish teams – Barcelona and Sevilla – hand in hand to the field. These kids were chosen based on national promo campaign “First 11 lucky Georgians at UEFA Super Cup 2015” announced by MasterCard on May 30, 2015. Being a proud sponsor of the UEFA Super Cup, MasterCard runs these campaigns in many countries of the world but this was the first time when MasterCard cardholders in Georgia could join it.

©UEFA(2015) All rights reserved.​
©UEFA(2015) All rights reserved.​

The promo was held from May 30 until July 15, 2015 at all sales points where MasterCard cardholders in Georgia could make payments through POS terminals or internet. Every transaction automatically became a lottery ticket giving a cardholder a unique opportunity to win ticket to UEFA Super Cup game and a chance for his/her kid to stand with the world famous football players on the field. 11 lucky winners together with their kids who became players escort on 11th of August were revealed on July 27 by lottery. The winners’ package from MasterCard included 2 tickets to 2015 UEFA Super Cup match in Georgia (1 for cardholder and one for his/her kid) together with priceless experience for kids to escort football stars to the field hand in hand for the opening ceremony.

MasterCard pays special attention to projects with future generations and thanks to their initiative, many kids around the globe have already gotten the priceless experience of escorting football stars to the field. However, it was first time when kids from Georgia got the chance to act as a players’ escort.

MasterCard SEE Markets Region Manager, Hakan Acar said: “We are happy to announce that our national promo “First 11 lucky Georgians at UEFA Super Cup 2015” conducted for the first time in Georgia was successful and attracted such a high interest among the population. Now we are very delighted to see emotions of Georgian winners here on football field and share their priceless moments.”

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