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rezo kezeli

TBC Gallery Hosts Rezo Kezeli’s Photo Exhibition

From August 30th TBC bank hosts Rezo Kezeli’s exhibition “The man with accordion”.

In the beginning of 90-ies,  in the storehouses of the Institute of Physics negatives of unknown photographer were found, which were saved by chance. If it hadn’t happened, 20th century Georgian history of photography, and in particular, the section, which covers the period of the Soviet Union, would have remained unknown Rezo Kezeli’s name. It would be really a great loss, because at first,  Rezo Kezeli is a highly interesting and original author; another reason is that the Soviet-era Georgian photography is not so rich with authors who could stop a Soviet-era photography and escaped from strict aesthetic and contextual dogma.

Rezo Kezeli creates portraits of his time. But, in fact, it couldn’t be called a soviet human portrait. It’s a cliché-free vision of a free man who see the world in completely different way and uses a different visual “source code”, creates a sort of “unofficial”, completely different personalities in photography and visual aesthetics telling completely “non-Soviet” stories about himself and about artists of his time.

After 20 years of conservation and restoration of works, exhibition of Rezo Kezeli was opened for the first time in February 2013 at the Gallery “Container”, where were exhibited 30 more photos by Rezo Kezeli. “Man with accordion” joins the project of Tbilisi Photo Festival and the gallery “Container” in October.

Exhibition in Batumi will be open until 6th of September.