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New Ecologically Clean Buses to Enter in Batumi

The bus park renewal started in Batumi. In the first phase, 15 new buses from September 1 to July will enter the city, by the end of the year, 25 buses will be added to the city.

Traveling with new, blue buses will be free of charge on September 1 related to ”Batumi City” celebration.

The buses were purchased by the European Development and Reconstruction Bank (EBRD) with low interest rates.

The buses of “Isuzu Ataman” model were awarded by Ukrainian-Japanese company “Cherkaski Bus” winner.

The buses are designed for 60 people, equipped with GPS system, air conditioner and adapted for people with disabilities.

The new transport will save 50% of the cost compared to existing buses.

In 2019, electric buses will be purchased for Batumi.