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Batumi Green City Action Plan Introduced

The Batumi Municipality and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) jointly develop the “Green City Plan”, which will involve the EBRD Green Cities Framework Program.

The project of the action plan was officially launched by Batumi Mayor Lasha Komakhidze together with the Deputy Director of EBRD Municipal Infrastructure team, Lynn O’Grade.
”Various large infrastructure projects are being carried out at the fastest level throughout the city. In parallel to the constructions, environmental issues are challenged.
It is important to take time to focus on the environmental issues in the development of the city, in order not to get infrastructural development on the one hand and on the other hand, the devastating consequences of environmental protection.
As you know, we have developed a 2018-2021 Strategic Development Plan, which has its place in environmental issues. The project is also important in the development of the Green City Action Plan, which is a detailed guide that will be the basis for further projects, development and implementation.
Batumi City Hall expresses full readiness for the launch of the project, I would like to emphasize the importance of active involvement of the City Hall structures during the project implementation, as this action plan is to be implemented by the municipality. We have great hopes and expectations that donor companies will be included in the next stages as well as in the direction of financing, “said Lasha Komakhidze at the meeting.

Batumi Green City Action Plan discusses the sectors affecting environmental conditions. Including transport, energy, industry, land use, waste, water management, etc.

“Green City Action Plan” is the main instrument of the framework program, which helps cities to develop their sustainable development vision and strategic goals; As well as action activities and investment projects that will help in solving environmental issues.

The EBRD Green Cities program is a complete business model for green urban development, with strategic planning, investment and technical support. The Official Opening Ceremony of “Green City Action Plan” was attended by representatives of the legislative and executive branches of the region.