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Alpine Botanical Garden Will Be Built in Adjara

Alpine botanical garden will be built in Bashumi. At this stage the topography map of the existing territory has been prepared.

The infrastructure and engineering maps of  zones have been developed and the document for regulation of the territory is also approved.

The project is funded by the organization Mercy Corps, that includes construction of administrative and visitor center, ticket booth, restrooms, parking lots, beekeeping houses and fencing the territories.

In order to establish the Goderdzi Alpine Garden, Batumi Municipality has handed over 96 344,00 sq.m. land in the resort Beshumi in Khulo region using the free usufruct form. In addition, a grant agreement was signed between Adjaristskali Georgia and Batumi Botanical Garden, according to which 100,000 US dollars were funded by the company to perform a number of infrastructural works in the Alpine Gardens.