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Ajara to Host International Birdwatching Festival

Event Start Date: 03 Sep, 2018 - Event End Date: 08 Sep, 2018

On September 3-8, Adjara will host the International Festival of Birdwatching. In the frames of the festival the foreign and Georgian ornithologists and volunteers from different countries will visit the region.

Every day, Festival guests will be accompanied by professional experts and guides to learn about the most important areas for bird watching – Chorokhi delta, village Chaisubani, village Sakhalvsho, Batumi seaside park, harbor and Kolkheti national park.

There will also be lectures and presentations that will be attended by anyone willing to participate in the excursions.

A group of invited Georgian students and experts, as well as tour agencies, journalists, representatives of the faculty of universities, students and schoolchildren will attend the festival.

The results of the 2018 season of the Festival and Bird Observation will be summarized in the end.

The festival is held in the region since 2012 and it promotes the development of tourism in Ajara, the economic prosperity of locals and the conservation of migratory birds. The festival is organized by the Tourism Products Development Agency of Ajara Tourism Department.