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Where to go in Tbilisi on Valentines Day

There are several romantic places near or in Tbilisi to go to this Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with that perfect date. The city is brimming with some splendid attractions, which have perfect romantic setting. Here are top things to do on this special day. 💕 Best Valentine’s day party at #Le_Cafe Menu for …

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Georgia’s New History in 30-Year Biography (Part II)

The stories that ARCI company has passed through reflect the 30-year history of Georgia. These stories are  full of admiration, bravery, doubts, fear, risks, devotion, misery, feeling of despair  and achievements – ARCI has turned 30. Architect Gia Abuladze, one of the first founders of the company, talks about the …

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28 Schools to be Built and 83 Rehabilitated Throughout Idea

As Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated at the briefing before today’s Government meeting, 28 schools will be built and 83 will be rehabilitated throughout Georgia. The project involves 50 million GEL worth of work. The work will be carried out by the Municipal Development Fund with a loan from …

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Average Wages of Employees Citizens in Georgia

Average monthly salary of 46% of employees in Georgia is below 400 GEL, while 1% of Georgian citizens receive more than 8 333 GEL salary a month. According to the digital information system of Revenue Service of Georgia, salary declarations were filled out for 1 222 153 physical bodies in …

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Georgia to Use Blockchain in Public Sector on Wider Level

Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze speaks about the necessity of integrating blockchain in public services on a wider level.  National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia started using blockchain in its services in 2017. Next institution to present public services integrated with blockchain will …

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Russia Considers to Cut-Off Internet

Russia is considering whether to disconnect from the global internet briefly, as part of a test of its cyber-defences. The test will mean data passing between Russian citizens and organisations stays inside the nation rather than being routed internationally. A draft law mandating technical changes needed to operate independently was …

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