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Daily Archives: January 23, 2019

Luggage Storage Tbilisi to Introduce New Service for Tourists

New interesting products will be available for Tbilisi visitors starting spring 2019. Namely, Luggage Storage Tbilisi will introduce an automatic service in the capital city. “We plan to arrange automatic service space. The clients will be able to enjoy the Luggage Storage Tbilisi services by visiting the location and by use …

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Government to Spend 199 million GEL in Tourism Industry Development

In various regions of Georgia, the Government will spend 199 million GEL in tourism industry development. A total of 75 entrepreneurs have been selected as part of Enterprise Georgia program. “Total volume of investments makes up 199 million GEL to arrange 75 hotels with more than 2 000 suites in …

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Net Profits of Commercial Banks Totaled 119.1 million GEL in December

Net profits of the Georgian banking sector made up 119.1 million GEL in December 2018, down 22% compared to December 2017. According to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), the sector’s net profits in December 2017 was 152.56 million GEL. Untaxed profits in December 2018 constituted 136.495 million GEL. A total …

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Merab Gagiladze’s Medieval Style Works with Modern Issues

Merab Gagiladze’s exhibitions are held in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, USA, Belgium and Turkey, but not in Georgia. It is often thought that his paintings are illustrations of any literary work, but in fact, through them, Merabi reacts to the problems of the modern world and clothes them in medieval …

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South Caucasus: Armed Forces and Economy

“Fund Your Army, otherwise you will have to fund others’ army”. The stronger the economy, the more funds are directed to strengthening the defense industry. America is the best sample. The country with the strongest economy spends 720 billion USD on defense, triple the consolidated military expenditures of China and …

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