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Daily Archives: December 5, 2018

Bank of Georgia to Write Off 200 million GEL Loans

Kakha Kiknavelidze: Bank of Georgia Has a Great Development Plan

Bank of Georgia plans to pardon 200 million GEL loans, Bank of Georgia director general Kakha Kiknavelidze said. The bank has already specified the list of the bodies, who will be involved in the mentioned process. Total amount of the pardonable loans is 200 million GEL, Kiknavelidze said. The process …

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Georgian Seaports Lose 1.1 million Tons of Cargo

Georgian Seaports have lost 1.1 million tons of cargo. According to the January-October indicators, four seaports of Georgia handled 12.4 million tons of cargo, down 8% year on year. All four seaports have recorded downturn tendencies. Poti Seaport handled 5.1million tons of dry and bulk cargo, down 5 million tons …

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Number of Visitors to Georgia Exceeds 8 Million

According to the National Tourism Administration, the number of visitors to Georgia, including transit and other categories, grew by 6.4% in November, compared to November 2017, totaling 598 312 visitors. The number of tourists arriving in Georgia increased by 14% in November – 2017, 269 601 tourists arrived and 307 …

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Communication Technologies Used by Enterprises Today

The statistics office publishes research into the use of information-communication technologies in the enterprises. According to the results of the study, 98.6% of enterprises had access to the Internet by January 1, 2018. In addition, the DSL connection (eg xdsl, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL, etc.) was most widely used to secure …

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78 million Bottles of Georgian Wine Exported to 53 Countries

According to LEPL National Wine Agency, in January-November 2018, up to 78mil. bottles (0,75l)  of wine have been exported to 53 countries worldwide, that is 11% higher than the similar data of 2017. The current data of 11 months has already exceeded  total export of 2017, when Georgia exported  record …

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Business Sector’s Turnover Hits Record High

The business sector’s turnover in the third quarter of 2018 rose by 17.3% year on year and amounted to 21.8 billion GEL. According to Geostat, National Statistics Service of Georgia, the business sector’s output indicators also grew to 10.7 billion GEL, up 5.6% year on year. Ratio of the major …

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