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Daily Archives: August 10, 2018

Microfinance Sector to Halve Loan Rates

Under new regulations, microfinance organizations will have to cheapen loans and create obligatory reserves on portfolio. Starting September 1, top margin for efficient rate growth will be 50%. Moreover, starting September 1 (2018), microfinance loans will be divided in categories and reserves will be determined due to corresponding rates: a) …

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Taste of Culinary Revolution in Tbilisi

Telegraph’s journalist shares his view about culinary in Tbilisi: ”Before visiting a country for the first time I will usually have some background knowledge and restaurant recommendations from friends. This was not the case with Georgia, which I visited recently to explore its burgeoning foodie scene. So I went with …

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Radisson Tsinandali to Host Guests from Autumn

Radisson Tsinandali is preparing for the opening day. According to GBC, the company has announced vacancies, for people working in the spa and reception. As for the plan, Tsinandali Estate Radisson Collections will be opened by mid-September. The modern and traditional architecture in the hotel harmonizes with each other. The …

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BIOLI to Build Eco Hotel

WMA Advisory Georgia and BIOLI signed a memorandum on understanding at Medical Wellness Resorts BIOLI. The memorandum describes joint plans and projects of the two companies. WMA is a representative of investment fund based in United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was founded several months ago. As part of the memorandum, …

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Profit of Banks Saw Increase by 8.4% in the First Half of the Year

The National Bank of Georgia has published financial indicators of the first half (January-June) of current commercial banks operating in Georgia. As for the data, TBC Bank saw the highest profit worth of 183 million GEL which is 22% more than the profit of the first half of 2017. “Bank of Georgia” …

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New Hazelnut Drying Enterprise Opened in Samegrelo

A new enterprise of hazelnut drying and warehouse is opened in the village of Natsatsu, Zugdidi Municipality, which is meant to serve more than 600 farmer’s services. According to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, 1000 tons of hazelnut and 500 tons of goods are possible to be stored …

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Waste Disposal Landfill to be Built in Terjola

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia has provided the Technical and Construction Supervision Agency for construction of waste disposal landfills. The new landfill will be built on the territory of “Kokhi” in Terjola municipality. It is being built by  a solid waste management company of Georgia. According …

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Government to Fund 60-Credit Program for Training Teachers


On August 10 at the government’s meeting Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Mikheil Batiashvili introduced an educational program for training teachers. The program calls for attracting talented and gifted teachers to the education system and developing general educational system. The government will finance the 60-credit program with 1 …

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