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Liloshop.ge Launches Program to Promote Women Startupers

Founders of Liloshop.ge online store have launched a special program for women startupers. Every women, who are housekeepers or make handmade things, will be able to sell their products with the support of Liloshop.ge Liloshop.ge takes social responsibility and shows readiness to assist them, who produces interesting things and tries …

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Mutso Restoration-Rehabilitation Process Comes to End

Mutso restoration-rehabilitation project will be finished in 2018, BM.Ge was told at National Agency for Culture Heritage Protection. Upper Section of the village will be fully rehabilitated and infrastructure will be arranged in 2018. Initiated by National Agency for Culture Heritage, the project is being implemented since 2014 with the …

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ARIC GROUP To Stop Investing in Georgia

Aric Group stops investment operations in Georgia, representatives of company and farm Vinichio Valley made mentioned decision. “ARIC Group” is an investment company established with foreign capital. The company has been implementing investment projects in Georgia since 2012 in the fields of agriculture, food industry, eco-tourism and construction. According to Apsal …

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Zugdidi Rehabilitated Botanical Garden to Receive Visitors from 2019

Zugdidi Renewed Botanical Garden will receive visitors from June, 2019. The rehabilitation of the garden started this year. Within the framework of the project  historical buildings and fences will be restored on the territory. Walking paths, infrastructure for public gathering and resting areas will be arranged; Water supply, irrigation, sewage …

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Geostat Shares Rapid Estimates of Economic Growth

Geostat Publishes 2016 GDP Growth Final Indicators

The estimated real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate in May 2018 amounted to 7.5 percent y-o-y. An average estimated real GDP growth equaled 6.1 percent for the first five months of 2018 y-o-y. In May 2018 the estimated real growth, compared to the same period of the previous year, …

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Natia Turnava: Inflow of Long-Term Investments Grow

Volume of long-term investments are rising in the country over the past period, Natia Turnava, deputy executive director of Partnership Fund, noted. Activation of private players signifies that we have healthy and valuable business environment, Natia Turnava said. “Major infrastructure projects, airports or seaports projects cannot be implemented without long-term …

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Georgia Startup Restricting Drivers to Drive Overspeed

TTM Update innovative product will appear in automobile industry in the near future. This startup does not enable drivers to drive overspeed. The project author Vakhtang Iashvili told BM.Ge that growing number of road accidents in Georgia has inspired him to develop this project. “Regretfully, modern technologies are less used …

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Plekhanovi is Among World 12 Best Districts by Forbes Rating

Plekhanovi is among 12 most beautiful districts according to American edition ”Forbes” rating. ”Plekhanovi is the place where old buildings renewed and became the favorite spot to gather for locals,”-publishing reads. It’s also noted that multifunctional space ”Fabrika” played a big role in this process, after its turning soviet time …

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VRium – Designing Tangible Hyper Reality


All started with a dream of four Georgian friends (Irakli Kokrashvili, Mikheil Chkhartishvili, Gabriel Meliva & George Dalakishvili) to create something unbelievable. There was huge challenges for them, they wanted to create something unique and give people a great experience: To inspire people’s Imagination; By crafting virtual reality; By bursting …

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Four-star Holiday Inn to be Opened in Telavi by September

One of the largest and most dynamically developing hotel groups worldwide, Holiday Inn, is planning to expand its hotel presence in Georgia by opening a new hotel in Kakheti (Eastern Georgia). New four-star Holiday Inn hotel will be open in Telavi. It will be the first internationally branded hotel in …

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