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Anaklia Seaport Accessway and Railroad Construction Works Start in Anaklia

Government of Georgia started constructing an accessway to Anaklia seaport and railroad section. Road Department has already announced tender for preparing detailed design documents. Presumable purchase price is 10.998 million GEL. Government of Georgia has assumed an obligation before Anaklia Development Consortium to build accessway to Anaklia Seaport, motorway and …

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Energy Sector in Review

ENERGY, Electricity

The current year was very important for power sector. Like previous years, the current year was full of challenges. Despite Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Economy merged in 2017, the Authorities prioritizes to develop the power sector. Consequently, the current year was special in the power sector in terms …

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How Much Does New Year’s Feast Cost in Georgia?

ISET published the 2017 New Year fiest Index. Index counts ”supra” for 5-6 persons in different regions of Georgia. The cost of the following dishes is analyzed for compiling the index: Mtsvadi, khachapuri, gozinaki, fruit, dessert, spinach with walnuts, cucumber and tomato salad and others. In total, the New Year …

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2018 – Year of Financial Education


In 2018 Government of Georgia expects that the reforms will justify, while business sector and consumers expect their revenues to grow. At the same time, all social groups want that an inflow of investments rise in the country. The banking sector represents a cornerstone for everybody, because both corporate and …

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ADB, Georgia Sign Loan for Tbilisi Metro Improvement Project

Last week The Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a $14.27 million loan agreement with the Government of Georgia to upgrade and improve the Tbilisi metro, which currently benefits over 300,000 commuters daily. “The project will help meet the growing demand for reliable, safe, and efficient sustainable transport—a high priority of …

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An Year in Wine Review with Alexander Kaffka

2017 year in wine has been significantly successful this year. Alexander Kaffka, founder of Hvino Publications – specialized information resources on Georgian wine, reviews achievements of the mentioned field with CBW. Wine exports significantly  increased, which factor do you think caused this fact? I think we saw a lucky combination …

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Georgia to Export Pipes of Domestic Production to Azerbaijan and Armenia

Toti, a pipes manufacturing company, has expanded business and broadened an assortment of products. After expansion of business, the management plans to export 25% of total production to international markets, namely, to Azerbaijan and Armenia. As a result of expansion, the company will produce 3 538 080 kilograms of products. …

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How to Do New Year’s Holiday Like a Georgian

New Year’s time in Georgia is quite distinguished from any other countries. First of all, it feels infinite and the reasons or excuses to celebrate never runs out. You’ll be surprised to learn that we switch to holiday mood starting from December 17th- Saint Barbare’s day, followed by St. Nicholas …

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Assets of Commercial Banks Grow


As of December 1, 2017 the Georgian banking sector registers 16 commercial banks, including 15 ones with foreign capital in the authorized capital. According to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), in November total assets of commercial banks of Georgia rose by 1.1 billion GEL (+3.2%) compared to October and …

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The 40 Best PR Quotes of the Year

During the whole year, we had interviewed PR specialists of 40 Georgian companies; It is the end of the year so, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of our favorite PR quotes of the year. PR is Complex of Human Features – Interpersonal Skills+ Management Talent – …

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