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TELASI Company Installs Three Reverse Meters

TELASI company has already installed three reveres meters. Under amendments adopted in 2015, all subscribers are able to generate electricity themselves and sell excessive volume. Micropower electricity stations  are required to this end (solar panels of about 110 kw/h, wind generators and micro HPPs). According to changes to GNERC resolution …

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SYNOT Group Acquires Second Casino in Georgia

Czech-based SYNOT Group has recently acquired an existing casino license at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe in Tbilisi, the capital and largest city of Georgia. Roland Andrýsek, sales director of SYNOT Group, said, “Georgian lottery market is fairly heavily regulated, the country has only a limited number …

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Banking Sector in 2016 in Review


Banking sector is meeting the New Year of 2017 with new merged and amalgamated companies. TBC Bank has become a hero company in 2016 with 315 million GEL transaction. TBC Bank has paid the mentioned amount to Societe Generale for bank assets. TBC paid 360 million GEL for acquisition and …

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Chairman of Ajara Tourism Department, Mamuka Berdzenishvili to Leave the Post

The Chairman of Ajara Tourism and Resorts Department, Mamuka Berdzenishvili was dismissed from this post.  It has been revealed that Berdzenishvili won’t work for government anymore. The duties of the chairman are fulfilled by Sofo Lazarishvili. When will Ajara government prove the new chairman is not known yet. Mamuka Berdzenishvili …

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Energo-Pro Georgia Introduces New Online System for Management of Resources

JSC Energo-Pro Georgia has completed introduction of IFS, the Swedish online system for management of resources. The IFS system enables the company to efficiently manage the existing resources that comprise financial, logistics, technical, projects management and other modules. The new system will enable the company to hold detailed information on …

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More than 60 Types of Cheese to be Produced in Teleti Factory

In the following days, Teleti Cheese New Factory will start functioning. As one of the factory founder, “Cheese House” founder, Ana Mikadze-Chikvadze says, the factory is determined to produce more than 60 types of cheese. “I’m going to produce all the cheese based on the recipes I have been collecting …

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Temur Chkonia Founded Companies Replenish State Budget by 85 million GEL in 2016

The companies founded by businessman Temur Chkonia have transferred 85 million GEL to state budget in 2016. In whole, the businessman has made 120-150 million GEL investments since inception of business activities in Georgia. Businessman Temur Chkonia has founded Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia, T&K Restaurants, Castel Georgia, CO2 – liquefied oxygen …

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Zaza Pachulia Makes Amazing Surge in All-Star voting

Zaza Pachulia

Last January, thanks to Georgians stuffing the online ballot box, Pachulia came within 15,000 votes of becoming an All-Star starter. Now, even after the NBA changed its voting system to prevent a similar situation, the longtime role player is making an unexpected surge in the All-Star ballots. Per fan balloting …

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Competitive Environment on Market of Filtered and Nonfilter Cigarettes

Competition Agency has finished tobacco market exploration and confirmed that there is competitive environment on market of filtered and nonfilter cigarettes. The chairman of competition agency has been already appointed and report on monitoring of filtered and nonfilter cigarettes market has been approved.The report contains detailed description of all importers, …

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The Biggest Fitness Center “Aspria Fitness” to Open in Batumi

In Batumi, the biggest Fitness Center “Aspria Fitness” was opened. The company made a quite large investment in the region. On 900 square meters in Batumi, the biggest fitness gym was constructed and 2 million GEL has been spent on it. “Aspria Fitness” is available every day 24 hours.  The …

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Online Loan Companies to Turn into Micro Finance Organizations

Online loans companies-ccloan.ge; minicredit.ge; masexsxe.ge; mozo.ge; cash24.ge; monline.ge; espresso.ge- were altered to Micro Finance organizations. According to official list of National Bank, companies made a decision after the government made announcement about new regulations of online loans.  From 9th of December till 28th of December, 8 companies made a decision …

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