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Daily Archives: May 10, 2017

Georgian Anti-Hep C Project an Overwhelming Success

Large-scale elimination of virus is the result of pilot program launched by U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer, which offered free treatment to hepatitis patients. Georgia has been successful in almost completely curing hepatitis C, two years after the start of a pilot project bringing together the U.S. Centers for Disease Controls, the …

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Without Big Dairy Cow Farms Cheese Production is not Profitable

Cheese is traditional food in Georgia. Accordingly, those who own cattle and livestock in the rural areas (cow, buffalo, sheep, goat) almost all of them produces cheese. Although the tightening of food safety issues made it necessary to open cheese factories, which meet the safety rules of modern food and …

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Sakpatenti Registers Nuts Cracker Patent

Sakpatenti, national intellectual property center, has registered a nuts cracker patent. The product will be sold in such  countries as Azerbaijan and Ukraine; At the same time, the patent has been already registered and production requires certain financial resources. The project authors plan to apply to Partnership Fund for financial …

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Temur Chkonia Suspends Tobacco Manufacturing Project

Businessmen Temur Chkonia has changed early announced plans for starting tobacco business. Chkonia told Business Course that currently the project has been suspended. At the same time, Chkonia refrained from unveiling reasons for the project suspension. We remind you that Temur Chkonia intended to build British American Tobacco plant in …

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