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Daily Archives: January 16, 2017

NDI: 56% of Respondents See no Changes since October 2012

According to research by National Democratic Institute, 56% of respondents have seen no changes in condition of theirs and their own families since October 2012. 26% of respondents assert that the condition for their families has worsened, while 17% see their condition improved since October 2012. Compared to research conducted …

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Socar Georgia Petroleum Appoints New General Director Levan Giorgadze

Levan Giorgadze

Socar Georgia Petroleum appointed Levan Giorgadze as a new general director of the company. Giorgadze replaced former General director Davit Zubitashvili who by this time is appointed as a chair of a council. SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is the largest importer of petrol and diesel in Georgia. It imports up …

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A New Georgian Brand, GOGOWINE to Export to the US

In spite of some myths that only men can be wine-makers, the reality shows that women can do it too. A young wine-maker woman, Ketevan Berishvili, continued the wine-making tradition of the family and created a wine brand-GOGOWINE. -When did you start wine-making and how did you come up with …

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Internet Trends, Stats & Facts Worldwide in 2017

While dedicated to vpns and online privacy issues, vpnMentor also wants to be your resource for Internet trends and data. As a result, we have scoured the most trusted researchers’ sites to present the following series of charts. Grouped by general topic, the information below represents the most recent data …

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Chinese Companies Interested in Building Solar and Wind Power Stations in Georgia

“After signature of Georgia-China free trade agreement, bilateral economic ties will strengthen in direction of infrastructure, banks and finances and information technologies, power system and banking”, Chinese Ambassador to Georgia Ji YIanchi noted and added that many Chinese commercial banks are interested  in cooperation with Georgian banking system. “Chinese government …

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Georgia to Earn Yearly 60 million GEL from Turkmen Oil Transit

Georgian Railways

Under Georgia-Turkmenistan agreement, for 3 years Georgian corridor will handle 4.5 million tons of Turkish oil and state budget will receive yearly 60 million GEL. The Georgian Party obtained this rights after Caspian Transport company won the tender. Caspian Transit director general Rati Ghvaberia noted that Dragon Oil company, which …

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