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Daily Archives: May 16, 2016

Business Against Online Loans: Google Bans Advertising Online Loans

The private business sector objects to online credit organizations. Apparently, online credits are considered hazardous undertaking in not only Georgia. Starting July 13, 2016 Google company will cease placing microloan advertisements in its Adwords system. The new regulation refers to any loan advertisement with the maturity period of less than …

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Real Estate Market – Misbalance between Dreams and Solvency

Giorgi Shermazanashvili/ Real Estate

At first sight, everything is in order and legal. All licenses are issued. However, this business frequently damages our citizens. The fact is that the building  boom distorts the appearance of Tbilisi and makes it useless for living. Under the current legislation, anybody is permitted to build high-rise residential buildings by submitting required …

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Learn More About Real Estate Market

Real Estate

The Georgia Real Estate Index (GREI) being created by Real Estate Market Laboratory (REM lab) will soon be available to the public. REM lab is a joint project of TBC Bank and ISET (International School of Economy) and it is being implemented with the support of  JumpStart Georgia.  The goal …

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Sotheby’s Sells Pirosmani’s Roe Deer by a Creek

On June 7 a masterpiece by Niko Pirosmani will be put up for Sotheby’s auction at 150 000 GBP. The statement released by the Culture Ministry reads that Pirosmani’s masterpiece “Roe Deer by a Creek” is included in the Russian section. Regretfully, this is a classification and structure of the …

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Turkmenistan to Host International Anti-Smoking Meeting

The Department of Health will send two officials to a nanny state anti-smoking conference in Turkmenistan tomorrow despite the country being run by a mad dictator, The Sun can reveal. The British government say they have “significant concerns” about human rights in the repressed central Asian country that has banned …

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