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Will Georgia Follow Israeli Tax Breaks Model for Big Investors?

Itzik Moshe, President of Georgian-Israeli Business Chamber, appealed to the Prime Minister of Georgia with a new tax initiative. Moshe suggests introducing tax breaks for investors who have invested at least $ 10 million dollars into the country’s economy and created over  100 jobs during the investment payback period. President of …

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Private Sector’s Alternative Mechanisms for Police Eviction Law

Georgia’s Business Association presented the mechanisms necessary for correcting the negative effects created by the cancellation of police eviction. This subject was raised at Georgia’s Business Association’s meeting with the new PM. The law on cancelling police eviction already came into force. According to Irakli Aslanishvili, The only thing that …

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Income Tax Revision Bill to be Submitted to Parliament Soon

The income tax revision bill will be submitted to the Georgian Parliament in Spring. The Deputy Finance Minister Giorgi Kakauridze spoke in this regard after the government session. According to him, the working process is still on-going and the principal issues are expected to be resolved by the end of …

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Negotiations with Gazprom Continue: Kakha Kaladze Holds Meetings

Kakha Kaladze, Vice Premier and Energy Minister will hold a business meeting with the management of Gazprom in Vienna on Wednesday. According to Georgia’s Energy Ministry, the following issues are being discussed at the meeting: gas transit in Armenia, monetization of transit fees and acquiring of additional gas volume from …

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“Aversi” Supplies Emergency Service with Low-Quality Ampules”


In the article printed in the January 18th “Primetime” newspaper issue, it’s stated that the emergency medical service is accusing the pharmaceutical company “Aversi” at supplying them with low quality Analgin and Lidocaine ampules. “Aversi” is a tender-winning company that supplies the emergency-medical center with certain drugs, and is responsible …

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How to Set up Business in Dubai From Georgia?

Natia Kereselidze

Natia Kereselidze, Evergreen Businessmen Services Representative in Georgia talks about how to set up Business in tax free Dubai and why Georgian businessmen need to think about it. Our company Evergreen Businessmen Services shows  you every steps, how to get license to setup business in Dubai.n this article I want …

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Who Will Win Davos 2016?

Sure, the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos is the premier gathering of global power brokers, a place for the great and the good to address the thorniest issues facing society. But it is also an unparalleled display of status and influence, with private jets and helicopters ferrying billionaires …

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Turmoil around Financial Supervision Agency

Disputes around introducing the Financial Supervision Agency have surfaced again. The Constitutional Court of Georgia has abstained from passing a rush decision on the suspended agency. Essential court discussion has not been appointed yet. Meanwhile, the jobless staff of the Agency asks the Parliament to tackle issues with salaries and working conditions. …

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How Russia-Turkey Conflict Impacts on Georgia?

The Russia-Turkey relations have rushed into a blind alley after Turkish fighter aircrafts threw down Russian SU-25 hornet. Some circles have even actualized the issue of abolishing the Karsi Agreement signed in October 1921. Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses personally the family of Turkish President R.T. Erdogan of smuggling crude …

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