Daily Archives: September 22, 2015

First Technology Park Will Open in the Late 2015

Technology Park Tbilisi

With the initiative of Georgian government and Innovation and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Economy, high technology and innovation development center will open in Okrokana.  The facility will be built on an area spanning 18,000m2 in Tbilisi’s recreation area near Mtatsminda Park. Techno Park will create united ecosystem and will …

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At this Stage, the Crisis is Overcome, Lari Reached Highest Peak, PM Says

Irresponsible statements should not be made in relation to the national currency, PM Irakli Garibashvili told reporters at the government administration where he held a working meeting with the National Bank President George Kadagidze. The PM called on everyone to be responsible when referring to the national currency. According to …

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Georgian Lari Appreciated Sharply

After several days of sharp decline, the lari has once strengthened by 0.0413 points. Accordingly, the official value of the  dollar is GEL 2.4086. Recall that yesterday’s exchange rate of the dollar  was GEL 2.4499. The national currency has significantly strengthened  (by 0.0752 points) against the euro and was set …

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Presidential Administration Calls on the National Bank and Financial Supervision Agency to Coordinate with Each Other

The Presidential Administration calls on the National Bank and Financial Supervision Agency to coordinate with each other. The corresponding statement was made at a press conference held by President’s Economic Advisor Giorgi Abashishvili. “The President and the international financial institutions did their best to prevent the weakening and separation of …

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Agricultural Cooperatives Launch Wine Production in Kutaisi

Members of the press and media are kindly invited to participate in a press visit to Kutaisi for the wine production launch ceremony in Kutaisi. Two cooperatives, “Terjola Wine” and “Sazano”, recently received co-financing and technical support from the EU-funded European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) through …

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Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Semi-Final Held in Tbilisi Today

With the cooperation fo the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgian Tourism Department and Hualing Group, the semi-final of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2015 was held in Tbilisi today. Out of sixteen contestants twelve were selected to transfer to the semi-final. The final show will be held on October 17, in …

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7 Tasty Places For International Food in Tbilisi


Blogger Dariko, who moved to Tbilisi in 2013, offers you 7 different places in Tbilisi, where the most delicious international food is made. As I moved to Tbilisi in 2013, I was always wondering how my friends were able to eat in international restaurants of Tbilisi. Seriously, having such a …

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The Apple Car is Coming in 2019

Apple aims to release its first car in 2019, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal’s Daisuke Wakabayashi. The company is referring to this as a “committed project” internally, the report says, and plans to triple the number of people working on it. The initiative, being called Project …

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Foodpanda Facts: the Strange Case of Airplane Food


Although smell is a dominant sense in flavor appreciation, taste is without a doubt a synesthetic (amalgamated) experience. It begins with the smell, as it naturally reaches us first. Then comes sight, the way food is presented; besides, it’s not a coincidence chefs are considered artists. Last come the taste …

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