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Kakheti Prepares For This Year’s Harvest

kakheti harvest

The grape harvesting season starts in Georgia and the country’s famous wine region Kakheti is completely immersed in the grape picking bustle. Today the Rtveli 2015 Coordination Centre for grape vintage opened in Telavi in the heart of Kakheti under the supervision of the Government. The Centre will operate 24/7 …

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Visits Georgia

Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Tbilisi on Wednesday evening. On August 27 he will participate in an “inauguration ceremony” of the NATO-Georgian joint training center at the Krtsanisi National Training Center outside Tbilisi and hold talks with the Georgian leadership. The NATO Secretary General will meet President Giorgi …

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Summertime Snapshots From Georgia

Georgia’s stunning beauty has been captured in time by amateur photographers. International online media outlet gbtimes collated several images of Georgia in the summer and published them under one album, Summertime snapshots from Georgia.

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Georgian Railway Reduced Tariffs by 20% on Domestic and Export Transits

Georgian Railway Reduced Tariffs

Starting July 1st of this year, tariffs on domestic and export transits reduced by 20%, says Georgian Railway’s management. The change applied to both domestic transit and exports of all kinds of dry goods, as well as container shipping. This marketing decision in the rail transport sector will reflect on company’s future sales growth, …

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NBG: Bank Deposits in Georgia

Latest trends show the number and sum of deposits made in Georgian banks is growing. Specifically, figures released by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) showed the total sum of non-bank deposits and demand deposits were on the rise in Georgia while term deposits were decreasing. NBG noted the total …

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American journalists shot dead on live broadcast

journalist shots

Two television journalists were fatally shot and their interview subject was injured in Virginia on Wednesday morning during a live television interview, according to the journalists’ station, WDBJ7. The attack occurred around 6:45 a.m. EDT during a live broadcast in Bedford County, when shots could be heard, sending the reporter and …

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13 of Emma Watson’s Best Pieces of Advice For Young Women

On Wednesday, Emma Watson — Harry Potter starlet, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, college graduate and all-around badass. Though she’s only been kicking for a quarter of a century, Watson has already accomplished an enormous amount, and she serves as a role model for millions of young women around the globe. …

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Georgia’s Black Sea Towns Hit by Heavy Rain

The central streets of Georgia’s seaside town Batumi are full of water; flats are flooded and debris from landslides hit several roads in the region – the result of last night’s heavy rainfall that fell for two hours straight. About 300 calls were made to the Batumi 112 emergency service …

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Almost 30,000 High Schoolers Gain University Entrance in Georgia

The future of Georgia lies in the thousands of students who achieved university entrance in the country’s national exams. Results of the National Exams for higher education were released today by Georgia’s National Assessment and Examination Centre (NAEC).  The results revealed 39,000 high school students participated in the university entrance …

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Possible Russian Embargo will Have Little Impact on Georgia

Russian Embargo

Recently, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the Ministry had started discussing a proposal to impose embargos for several countries, one of which was Georgia. International development consulting company, PMCG publishes a report on the possible impact of Russian Embargo on Georgian Exports. In 2014, the breakdown of Georgian wine exports …

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Black Hole Could Be Retrieved in Alternate Universes -Stephen Hawking

How do you escape from a black hole? Stephen Hawking has an idea. In front of a crowd of scientists and reporters at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm on Tuesday,  British physicist explained his latest idea about how quantum-mechanical information can escape from being lost in a black hole. “I …

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