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Impressions on the First 2016 United States Republican Debate

Today, Fox News held the first Republican presidential debate of the 2016 United States elections. They may be called “debates” but they are nothing of the sort. Instead, you’ll find a forum for uncontested political soundbites. Promotional bits for presidential hopefuls to strut their lexical stuff, pander to politics while ignoring facts, and …

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Government not to be Involved in a Dispute over Rustavi 2

PM: Government not to be Involved in a Dispute over Rustavi 2

The Prime Minister of Georgia says he supports restoration of justice, though according to him, the dispute over the Rustavi 2 TV company is a private matter and governmental involvement in it is zero. According to him, he does not have any information on the matter except for what was …

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McDonald’s has Unveiled its Restaurant of the Future

McDonald’s was once the undisputed king of fast food.But with sales falling, franchisees reporting gloomy outlooks, and popular fast-casual chains like Shake Shack and Chipotle chipping away at its fast-food throne, McDonald’s has seen better days. A recently renovated McDonald’s in New York City may be the first concrete glimpse …

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MFA Advises Citizens to Refrain from Traveling to Southeastern Turkey

advises citizens

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia addresses its citizens to refrain from travelling to Turkey’s southeastern region because of increasing frequency of terrorist acts there. “The Foreign Ministry of Georgia advises citizens to refrain from visiting Turkey’s southeastern region because of frequent terrorist acts and attacks occurring there as of late. In …

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Minibus Taxi Drivers’ Strike Continues

Some of Tbilisi’s minibus taxi drivers continue to strike. They have gathered at the minibus garage in the Dighomi district. The drivers claim that police officers are present in the area to keep an eye on them. They also say that representatives of Tbilisi Minibus are ready for a dialogue …

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Photo Gallery From Tbilisi TV Tower

There are some places in Georgia, which are not attended by the tourists: either entrance is prohibited, or people just don’t know those places exist. We decided to show you some. For example, each visitor to Tbilisi has seen our beautiful TV Tower, from where all the radio stations and TV …

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The World’s Most Expensive Watches

We’ve all experienced sticker shock while perusing the world’s most expensive watches. There are even a few brands for which six-figure price tags are the norm — “expensive watches” by almost anyone’s definition. But a handful of luxury watches go well beyond “pricey” and into the rarefied “million dollar watch” …

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15 Incredible Concert Places Around the World

Watching a live performance is thrilling in itself, but getting to do it while being in the midst of a stunning stage makes the experience unforgettable.  In countries around the world, there are music venues that have been built in breathtaking natural and historical locations that include underground caverns and …

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Flights from Tbilisi to Tehran are Starting Tomorrow

Iranian Air line, called Ata airlines, is Tabriz International Airport at Tabriz. It has been founded in 2010 with 12 destinations on board including turkey and Tbilisi. The last flight from Tbilisi to Tehran was hold 09/10/2014, but regarding visa difficulties for Iranian , they decided to banned the flight The next …

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Oil Companies to Sue the Competition Agency’s Conclusion


Georgian oil companies are going to make a lawsuit against the Competition Agency’s decision until August 15. According to the CEO of Wissol,  the management is currently working on a claim to be filed in court. “We have a lot of materials, lawyers should get acquainted with them and prepare a …

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Businessman Kodua Gained the Right to Fly under a Georgian Flag

After six months of waiting, the  businessman George Kodua has  gained  the right to fly  a business jet  under the Georgian flag. A 5-seater jet will launch private commercial flights in mid-August. In a conversation with CBW, George Kodua  does not rule  he will bring a  12-seat aircraft,  if necessary. The businessman …

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ENPARD to Promote Cooperation between the Farmers and Business Organizations

One of the main goals of the European Neighborhood Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) is assisting farmers in promoting their products and establishing a strong network within the Georgian business field. A number of recent successes has proven the program’s effective execution of these goals. One such success is …

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