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13 of Emma Watson’s Best Pieces of Advice For Young Women

On Wednesday, Emma Watson — Harry Potter starlet, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, college graduate and all-around badass. Though she’s only been kicking for a quarter of a century, Watson has already accomplished an enormous amount, and she serves as a role model for millions of young women around the globe. …

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Georgia’s Black Sea Towns Hit by Heavy Rain

The central streets of Georgia’s seaside town Batumi are full of water; flats are flooded and debris from landslides hit several roads in the region – the result of last night’s heavy rainfall that fell for two hours straight. About 300 calls were made to the Batumi 112 emergency service …

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Almost 30,000 High Schoolers Gain University Entrance in Georgia

The future of Georgia lies in the thousands of students who achieved university entrance in the country’s national exams. Results of the National Exams for higher education were released today by Georgia’s National Assessment and Examination Centre (NAEC).  The results revealed 39,000 high school students participated in the university entrance …

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Possible Russian Embargo will Have Little Impact on Georgia

Russian Embargo

Recently, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the Ministry had started discussing a proposal to impose embargos for several countries, one of which was Georgia. International development consulting company, PMCG publishes a report on the possible impact of Russian Embargo on Georgian Exports. In 2014, the breakdown of Georgian wine exports …

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Black Hole Could Be Retrieved in Alternate Universes -Stephen Hawking

How do you escape from a black hole? Stephen Hawking has an idea. In front of a crowd of scientists and reporters at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm on Tuesday,  British physicist explained his latest idea about how quantum-mechanical information can escape from being lost in a black hole. “I …

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Restoration of Ancient Cave City Vardzia Will End Soon


Georgia’s ancient cave city Vardzia’s restoration is ending, and sooner  historic monument will be opened.  The 12-13th Century cave city in southern Georgia is being renovated under an international program that’s being co-financed by the Government of Georgia and UK-based financing company Jackson Fund. The restoration project’s leader and UNESCO expert …

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Azerbaijan’s First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva marks her Birthday

Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Mehriban Aliyeva marks her birthday on August 26. Mehriban Aliyeva was born in Baku, in a famous family in Azerbaijan. Her father, Professor Arif Pashayev, is an academician at the …

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Armenia Violates Ceasefire With Azerbaijan Over 175 Times in One Day

Over the past 24 hours, the Armenian military, using mortars and large-caliber machine guns, 176 times violated ceasefire on various parts of the contact line of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said August 26. Armenian armed forces, stationed in Paravakar village of the Ijevan district of Armenia, opened …

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US Dollar Rises in Price, Euro Drops in Azerbaijan

The official rate of the US dollar and the euro to Azerbaijani manat as of August 26 is set at 1.0467 manats and 1.2059 manats, respectively. Below are the manat rates against world currencies and precious metals, according to the data from Azerbaijan’s Central Bank on Tuesday, August 26. Currencies …

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Wounded Train Attack Hero Played Dead To Survive

Mark Moogalian

When Mark Moogalian saw the gunman on the train, he was the first to rush him and tried to wrest an assault rifle from his grip. The two men struggled, and Moogalian was shot in the neck. The French-American collapsed to the floor, bleeding heavily. He made eye contact with …

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Pantiani Lake Complex To Open in Summer 2016

“Pantiani Lake, in Dmanisi municipality, with evergreen nature and  altitude of 1 500 meters  is going to host one of the most complete entertaining leisure complexes in Georgia ” reported Rati Kiria , Senior project manager in Kemo Kartli regional development agency, to CBW. “the Investor , who is a …

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