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The Volume of Loans by Commercial Banks Reached 14 884.8 mln. GEL

In June 2015, the volume of loans to the economy (excluding interbank loans) recorded 14 884.8 mln. GEL, which exceeds by 32.6 % the corresponding indicator in June 2014. The volume of the loans denominated in national currency increased by 21.5 %. The volume of the loans denominated in foreign …

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Turkish Investors to Build a Textile Factory in Upper Ajara


The investors  from Turkey are planning to build a textile factory in Upper Ajara. According to  the Secretary General of the International Investors Association, at this stage negotiations are underway with representatives of the company and  in 2-3 months more effective steps  will be taken. Osman Chalshkan says that  the …

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Silk Road Bank fixed 2.4mln GEL profit in 7 Months

By August 1, Clients’ deposits (without banks’ deposits) amounted to 24, 1 million lari, credit portfolio was defined by 19, 3 million lari, of it 88% – 16, 9 million lari accounts for foreign currency. Reserves are defined by 2, 4 million lari and 12% of portfolio. Assets of the bank …

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Georgia Prepears for Global Internetization

“Cartu Fund” will financially support the global, high-speed internet infrastructure development project, Corresponding agreement was signed between “Detecon” (member of Deutsche Telekom group) and Innovation and Technology Agency’s non-commercial, legal entity “Open Net”.  Internet access in regions is one of priorities of the government. In order to carry out the project …

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Taste of Eastern Georgia: What Goes With Wine?

Harvest time, which is called Rtveli in Georgian, is approaching. It means, it is also time to plan an autumn trip to here. In order to make you hungry for impressions, we gonna tell you something about Eastern Georgian cuisine, while wine needs extra attention and much more that one article. …

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Global Gold Demand Plunges to 6-Year Low

World demand for gold has dropped 12 percent, falling to its lowest point in six years, according to the World Gold Council. The demand for gold slid to 914.9 tons in the period from March to June this year, compared to the 1,038 tons during the same period last year. …

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Iran Chamber of Commerce to Hold an Export Exhibition in Yerevan

Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) announced its intention to hold the 7th Export Exhibition at Yerevan Exhibition Center in Armenia. The exhibition will be organized and sponsored by Iran-Armenia Joint Commerce Chamber from October 8-11. Concurrent with Armenia’s Pan Armenian Expo 2015, the exhibition’s purpose stated by ICCIMA …

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The Total Volume of Deposits Reached 13 698.3 mln GEL


In 2015, the total volume of deposits (excluding interbank deps) recorded 13 698.3 mln. GEL, which exceeds by 24.8 % the corresponding indicator in 2014. The volume of the deposits denominated in national currency increased by 10.1%. The volume of the deposits denominated in foreign currency in USD increased by …

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The 19 Coolest Bridges In the World

Skyscrapers are impressive, sure. Tunnels are cool. Aqueducts? Do they even build those any more? While there’s no shortage of amazing structures around the world, when it comes down to it, nothing quite demonstrates engineering prowess like a bridge. And to prove that point or to at least show you …

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NBG: The Volume of Money Transfers Declined in July 2015

NBG, publishes report about money transfers in Georgia, in July. In July 2015, the volume of money transfers from abroad constituted 93.4 million USD (210.7 million GEL), which is 31.8 percent (43.5 million USD) less than the amount in July 2014. 90.9 percent of the total money transfers from abroad came …

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