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Russian Central Banks to Save Struggling Companies

According to Bloomberg Moscow has restricted Western imports in retaliation for the sanctions, and a weaker ruble has made foreign goods more expensive. That should have created opportunities for Russian companies by boosting demand for their products at home. considering high domestic interest rates and the lack of access to …

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Lari Continues Slide – Experts Urge the Government for an Immediate Response

Despite projections of the members of the government,  the national currency  continues depreciation. Members of the Cabinet in March suggested that along with the activation of the tourist season, the lari would gain, however, expectations have not justified themselves. In March, the Economy Minister George Kvirikashvili expected  the strengthening of …

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A New Casino Opened in Batumi

After LeoGrand, another new casino Campione opened in Batumi. The complex is located on the new boulevard area, 5 kilometers from Batumi airport. Campione is a subsidiary of the Italian casino brand Campione d’Italia which in the words of its representative, is a breakthrough in the region. They say in …

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Iran Seeks $29 Billion for Steel to Mining Projects

Iran has $29 billion of mining investments attracting interest of companies from Europe to Asia, with plans to more than double steel production by 2025 and boost exports once international sanctions are lifted. Iran, home to the world’s biggest natural gas reserves, plans projects ranging from steel to aluminum production, …

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Should Companies Rise Price for Bread?

Should Companies Rise Price for Bread

Some bakery companies expect  the bread price hikes in September. According to Ipkli Deputy Director-General, if an increased flour price (from GEL 37 to 44) sustains, prices will  be revised next month. “It should be noted that wheat prices could further  increase. In this case we will have to increase …

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Avtandil Store to Be Opened in Azerbaijan

Famous Georgian designer Avtandil Tskvitinidze expanding his store chains abroad, in Azerbaijan. According to the famous Georgian designer, his store will open in Azerbaijan in October, however, he holds talks about the opening of stores with representatives of different cities of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. “We are developing. This time …

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Aviation Mystery: More Debris Found From Malaysian Airplane

Kuala Lumpur has asked for more help in the search for a Malaysia Airlines plane missing for more than a year, with France to send planes, boats and helicopters to scour the coast of a remote Indian Ocean island where debris washed up. Investigators on the French-governed island of Reunion …

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Putin Bans Western Food and May Impose Embargo on Georgian Wine

Recently, Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed to Russian news agency RIA Novosti that the Ministry had started discussing a proposal to impose embargos for several countries, one of which was Georgia. Russia has bulldozed illegally imported European cheese as the government started its campaign to ban Western food, From the countries that …

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Impressions on the First 2016 United States Republican Debate

Today, Fox News held the first Republican presidential debate of the 2016 United States elections. They may be called “debates” but they are nothing of the sort. Instead, you’ll find a forum for uncontested political soundbites. Promotional bits for presidential hopefuls to strut their lexical stuff, pander to politics while ignoring facts, and …

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