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The salaries of 13 major world leaders

world leaders

The salaries of 13 major world leaders – business insider published the data. Prime-minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore is the world’s best paid leader. Earlier this month Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he and almost everyone working for him would take a 10% pay cut because of mounting …

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TANAP takes Azerbaijani gas another step closer to Europe

Azerbaijan and Turkey, two countries that are not members of the EU, are currently doing much more for Europe’s energy security than many member states of the Union. Today has become extremely important for the European gas market and another confirmation of the importance of Azerbaijan in this issue. The …

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Georgia’s Finance Minister positively reviews February’s budget

Georgia’s Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri says February was a “very promising month” in terms of the country’s budget development. Khaduri announced the turnover of VAT (value-added tax) payer enterprises had increased by 15.5 percent in February, and reached 3.9 million GEL. “Since the beginning of 2015, budget payments reached 1.354 …

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New support centre for disabled people planned for Tbilisi

A new centre is being built in Tbilisi to help and support people with disabilities become more engaged in social activities. A decision was made today by the Government of Georgia to establish a new Integration Centre in the country’s capital as a way to offer more support to the …

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Euro Strengthened

About a week ago Sterling gained an additional boost against the Euro, as one of the members of the Bank of England Board indicated he was changing his mind about potentially raising the interest rate. Today’s minutes and the unanimous vote to keep interest rates as they are saw the …

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Quality of Road Materials is not Controlled in Georgia

Since 2004,  in total GEL 2,608 billion were spent in Georgia for the rehabilitation of road infrastructure. In 2014, a total of GEL 501 million  was spent on the roads,  in 2015 it is planned to spend 645 million.  Thus, the total costs for  road rehabilitation will reach GEL 3.2 …

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MP from the Ruling Party against the Recommendations of the IMF

An interview with Georgian MP, businessman Gogi Topadze During a recent visit, the delegation of the International Monetary Fund recommended the Government of Georgia to cut budget spending and raise taxes. Do you share that view? The International Monetary Fund has brought nothing  good to any country. After the IMF …

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Fadi Asli- Georgia has Lost its Attractiveness for Foreign Investors

Fadi Asli, President of the  International Chamber of Commerce,  urges the government to give the  Economy Minister more leeway. According to Mr Asli, the government’s biggest problem is that those who know do not have the political power, and those who have the power, do not understand anything. He recommends to …

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Georgian National Clothes

“The first garment” – For popularization of Georgian traditional “chokha.”  Collection presented by the Georgian National Ballet ensemble, Sukhishvilebi, Erisioni and Rustavi dancers. Dresses below are by Samoseli Pirveli.  

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