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Daily Archives: March 17, 2015

Insurance to Become more Expensive in Georgia

Due to the devaluation of the national currency, prices are rising in the country in many areas – food, medicines, health care services. Because of this, health insurance is becoming  more and more expensive – insurance companies have already increased prices, although slightly. A cause for  a rise in prices …

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Street Art Utopia

There is as yet no simple definition of street art. It is an amorphous beast encompassing art which is found in or inspired by the urban environment. With anti-capitalist and rebellious undertones, it is a democratic form of popular public art probably best understood by seeing it in situ. It is not …

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Money Transfers from Abroad Declined in February

According to the NBG data, in February 2015 the volume of money transfers coming into the country amounted to  $ 82 million, or GEL 71.1 million, which is $ 22.7 million (GEL 47.4 million), or 21.7% less than in February 2014. A volume of money transfers from 12 donor countries …

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Online Casino – Uncontrolled Social Mine

Simpler Access to Gambling Games or Money Laundering Mechanism Online Casinos – an army of losers nourish the gambling business. The gambling business is being developed at high paces in Georgia. Along with technological progress, the business penetrates wider into more and more social strata, into various geographical areas and …

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